Unemployment rate to rise slightly

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Unemployment is not only a problem here in Perth, Western Australia. It a global phenomenon and a growing concern for most governing bodies around the world. The many economic factors of a country’s progress is said to have an effect to the rate of unemployment. That is why many discussions have emerged which lead to many theories.

Perth NewsEven before the global recession, unemployment was already a problem; it is just that recession emphasized and highlighted the issue. This issue means the state of being without any work, both for educated and uneducated persons, for earning one’s livelihood.

Today, one of the toughest tasks for many young individuals is to find the right job for them. A person has to run from one office to office to find out a job which makes this task daunting, boring and sometimes humiliating. Just imagine how difficult it is to complete with hundreds of applicants for a single job vacancy.

The worst effect of unemployment is not only confined to the economic field but also destroys the sense of moral values for want to employment. Many young people become frustrated, thinking that their life is a curse and. Because of extreme frustration, they resort to commit different types of crimes.

In Australia, unemployment has rate has risen slightly this July. You can read the article posted at Sky News for more details: http://www.skynews.com.au/business/business/national/2015/08/06/unemployment-rate-to-rise-slightly.html