Smokers unaware of all the health risks

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A doctor says cigarette packaging showing health conditions related to smoking should be updated.

Whenever we see ads or read articles concerning facts about smoking, for the most part, the awful health effects of smoking are always addressed. But unfortunately, numerous Australian smokers remain unaware of the many health risks associated with such activity. This is according to the new survey conducted by Cancer Council Victoria, showing the disturbing gaps in smokers’ awareness of cigarette-related health conditions.

Government and other health organisations emphasise that smoke in cigarette contains poisonous nicotine drug and many other unsafe substances which are extremely dangerous to the human lungs. We also often see dreadful and scary statistics about death as a result of cigarette smoking is never missed to be included in these articles and reports to sway people away from smoking.

Yet, many smokers continue on smoking, inhaling nicotine drug making it very tough for people who don’t smoke to comprehend why. Well, besides being addicted to nicotine, people smoke tobacco to help calm themselves. They use the effects of tobacco in dealing with tough situations in their lives, such as peer pressure both for kids and adults, as their need to belong to group, and be perceived as cool and tough guy or gal; to name a few.

The good news is that people can quit smoking. What you need to do is become strongly motivated to quit and to just stop lighting those cigarettes. Knowing the dangers of the effect of smoking can be a great reason why people should stop smoking, but it is still your extreme desire to stay away from smoking that can make it successful.

Today, the government has been has required cigarette manufacturers to include the dangerous effects of smoking to health in their advertisements and packaging to help smokers quit. But according to an article published by Perth Now, the Australian Government is now reviewing the 14 graphic health warnings on cigarette packs that have been used since 2012 and is looking to update some.

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