Older Australians are facing greater financial difficulties

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According to Nine.com.au, older Australians nowadays are facing greater financial difficulties. They are struggling to pay their mortgages, rents and basic living expenses. This forces them to turn to limited resourced financial helplines for support.

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In order to be prepared in the event of old age, illness or even death, you should plan how your money should be handled. Smart financial planning will help make sure you or your family are ready to meet any of the costs that might arise. It will also allow you to provide for your loved ones and ease the burden on them.

Be organised. Put your financial affairs in order will help you be prepared for the old age when there’s an increased risk of illnesses that might make managing your money difficult or impossible. So as early as possible, you need to be smart and disciplined with your finances which are composed of your expending, sources of income, debt, savings and investments.

In order to avoid financial difficulties during your old years, balance is a key element. Saving for retirement is especially difficult when you earn a small salary. However, tucking away even a small amount might qualify you for tax break. It will also guarantee you an employer match and get compound interest working on your behalf. Get a superannuation guarantee contribution as a form of your employer’s help.

Apart from asking for employer’s contribution, another way to ensuring brighter old years is by sticking to strict budget. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also be contributing to your retirement. Even with limited resources, there are ways to maximise your savings so you don’t find yourself underwater later on. To make it easier for you to budget, have monthly automatic contributions. This can be an easy way to integrate savings into budget whether your employer offers direct deposit to multiple accounts or you set your own account to automatically transfer funds into dedicated savings.

Read more at: https://finance.nine.com.au/2018/10/17/16/34/older-australians-are-facing-greater-financial-difficulties

Smokers unaware of all the health risks

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A doctor says cigarette packaging showing health conditions related to smoking should be updated.

Whenever we see ads or read articles concerning facts about smoking, for the most part, the awful health effects of smoking are always addressed. But unfortunately, numerous Australian smokers remain unaware of the many health risks associated with such activity. This is according to the new survey conducted by Cancer Council Victoria, showing the disturbing gaps in smokers’ awareness of cigarette-related health conditions.

Government and other health organisations emphasise that smoke in cigarette contains poisonous nicotine drug and many other unsafe substances which are extremely dangerous to the human lungs. We also often see dreadful and scary statistics about death as a result of cigarette smoking is never missed to be included in these articles and reports to sway people away from smoking.

Yet, many smokers continue on smoking, inhaling nicotine drug making it very tough for people who don’t smoke to comprehend why. Well, besides being addicted to nicotine, people smoke tobacco to help calm themselves. They use the effects of tobacco in dealing with tough situations in their lives, such as peer pressure both for kids and adults, as their need to belong to group, and be perceived as cool and tough guy or gal; to name a few.

The good news is that people can quit smoking. What you need to do is become strongly motivated to quit and to just stop lighting those cigarettes. Knowing the dangers of the effect of smoking can be a great reason why people should stop smoking, but it is still your extreme desire to stay away from smoking that can make it successful.

Today, the government has been has required cigarette manufacturers to include the dangerous effects of smoking to health in their advertisements and packaging to help smokers quit. But according to an article published by Perth Now, the Australian Government is now reviewing the 14 graphic health warnings on cigarette packs that have been used since 2012 and is looking to update some.

Read more at: https://www.perthnow.com.au/lifestyle/health-wellbeing/smokers-unaware-of-all-the-health-risks-ng-s-1875515

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22 Qualities That Make a Great Leader

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One of the most important qualities that separate great Perth entrepreneurs from the good ones is great leadership. It is very important for anyone aspiring to lead people to success to know and understand the exact type of person that people consciously and unconsciously desire to follow.

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Taking responsibility for it is vital. Great leaders have the ability to motivate his employees and are willing to take responsibility of his team. Whether for your own personal needs or for others who report into you true leadership qualities are about setting objectives.

Leadership is not about feeling down in the dumps when things go wrong, it’s about having the inner strength to face a challenge head on and to keep persevering if things go wrong. Having a positive attitude can make a big difference, but in business, sometimes it can be difficult to stay resilient if you make a bad decision.

A true leader has to be flexible, and able to assess a situation clearly, changing direction if needed. But if you wish to develop your leadership qualities, you must also be able to stand your ground and hold out for what you believe in.

Some say that great leaders are born. Meanwhile, leadership qualities can be developed. If you want to improve, you may attend workshops and seminars, or hire a coach who will guide you and become a great leader.

Read this article to know the qualities of a great leader: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/270486

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How to Sell a Professional Practice

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Having a strategic approach to generating sales or business generation is often overlooked by many professional services or firms. We know that many base promotion and partnership opportunities on fee generation. However, today is the time to become more businesslike and to assess your sales processes and develop an effective structure and method.

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In this time of seeming constant change, no professional practices or organisations can be confident or complacent about their business’ future. There are threats coming from various directions, some obvious and visible such as larger merged firms or new starts, and some less so, such as internet services.

In order to these professional firms’ future, they need to take their marketing campaigns seriously. Professional services such as medical, accounting, engineering, counselling, and others have been scampering off the professional practice competition in Perth, Western Australia. The urban overload of professional services and firms doesn’t leave much room for new professional service providers starting out.

Most professional schools don’t teach their students about the business side of running a professional office business. Beyond that is a large field of required marketing knowledge to start, maintain, and profit from any business. However, don’t let that thought scare you away. It’s a lot easier than studying your courses and passing your licensure examinations.

In this article published by Wall Street Journal, you will learn the right strategies to use in order for you to effectively sell your professional practice.

Read the full article here: http://guides.wsj.com/small-business/buying-and-selling-a-business/how-to-sell-a-professional-practice

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Keys to Successful Bathroom Renovations in Perth

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When it comes to finding your design for your home, you can bring your dream bathroom to reality. The experts from Smart Styles will hand you bathroom remodelling catalogues to get you inspired and find plenty of ideas for renovating your room new design. You will get a sense of the best styles that matches your home size and the theme you are looking for.

bathroom renovation PerthThat’s the reason why these days when looking for a bathroom remodelling contractor, it is essential to look for a bathroom renovation company that can give you a wide array of wonderful bathroom designs to choose from. And once your contractor finished observing your house and gives you an estimated cost and timing, they can also take a look at your design choices and help you choose the best design that matched your house.

Of all the renovations you can do in your home, bathroom renovation has the second highest return on investment or ROI right next to kitchen remodelling. A bathroom renovation project can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars, to tens of thousands. It all depends on your budget, your home and your goals. Thus, it is important that you entrust this job only to a reputable bathroom renovation company.

No matter what your budget is, it is important to achieve the two main goals of every bathroom renovation: increase its beauty and increase its functionality. If you want to achieve this goal, choosing a good bathroom contractor is crucial.

Video Production in Perth: Hire a professional or do-it-yourself?

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With the technology we posses these days, we are presented with more opportunities to work on things easily. And with that being said, it seems that producing your corporate video should be easy.

After all, we have techie devices nowadays that have high resolution cameras as well as applications that lure you into thinking that it is possible to have an affordable video production by doing the whole project on your own. Unfortunately you need to break it because that is not how exactly it works.

You are probably wondering why video production is a tough job despite the availability of these handy devices and editing software applications. What you must realise is that just because you have access to these tools, it doesn’t mean that amateur or homemade video will have the necessary creative skills that can give “Wow factor” to your viewers. What we mean by this is that your video can attract and engage viewers, help you make sales, or promote your brand in the best possible way.

Hiring a professional video production team can give you a video that is well crafted and of high quality. This is an important aspect to your video marketing strategy. Keep in mind that your video represents the image of your company, and if you’re thinking of creating an online video through your smartphone, it is doubtful you’ll be able to produce the same quality that’s expected for a professional corporate web video production.


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How To Find The Right Broker And Start Investing Now

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Perhaps it is safe to say that all newbie stock investors will be at a loss as to what, when how and why of the stock market. If you are one of the first-time stock investors, then you should know the important facts about stock investing in order to ensure success.

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Whether you are trading or investing in shares of stocks, the first rule of success is to buy low and sell high. Basically, you buy stocks that are on its downward trend but yet you foresee will rise in value in the future. Always remember that you will be holding on to the stocks in the long-term period, so knowing market trends and the factors that affect them is very important.

You might want to consider selling your stocks when their values of risen. You don’t have to wait for the stocks to rise any higher than your pre-set criterion as it may not do so but instead move in the opposite direction.

If you are thinking about trading stocks and need to find a stock broker or are looking for a new stock broker there are a number of factors you should be asking yourself. Before you sign on the dotted line, you need to spend some time on doing some research.

Here is an article published by Forbes to help you find the right broker: http://www.forbes.com/sites/samanthasharf/2016/01/20/how-to-find-the-right-broker-and-start-investing-now

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Unemployment rate to rise slightly

Keys to Successful Bathroom Renovations in Perth

22 Qualities That Make a Great Leader

Smokers unaware of all the health risks

Unemployment rate to rise slightly

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Unemployment is not only a problem here in Perth, Western Australia. It a global phenomenon and a growing concern for most governing bodies around the world. The many economic factors of a country’s progress is said to have an effect to the rate of unemployment. That is why many discussions have emerged which lead to many theories.

Perth NewsEven before the global recession, unemployment was already a problem; it is just that recession emphasized and highlighted the issue. This issue means the state of being without any work, both for educated and uneducated persons, for earning one’s livelihood.

Today, one of the toughest tasks for many young individuals is to find the right job for them. A person has to run from one office to office to find out a job which makes this task daunting, boring and sometimes humiliating. Just imagine how difficult it is to complete with hundreds of applicants for a single job vacancy.

The worst effect of unemployment is not only confined to the economic field but also destroys the sense of moral values for want to employment. Many young people become frustrated, thinking that their life is a curse and. Because of extreme frustration, they resort to commit different types of crimes.

In Australia, unemployment has rate has risen slightly this July. You can read the article posted at Sky News for more details: http://www.skynews.com.au/business/business/national/2015/08/06/unemployment-rate-to-rise-slightly.html